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A former bartender serving a life sentence for murder has spoken publicly for the first time since he was jailed, saying: “I’ll never admit to a crime that I didn’t do.”

It is now 13 years since a Carlisle Crown Court jury convicted Tommy Grecian of murdering homeless Jimmy Atkinson.

Earlier, the jury heard that he had confessed to another man in the city’s John Street Hostel for homeless men that it was him who stabbed Mr Atkinson in the neck and chest.

Grecian maintained his not guilty plea, but after hearing the rest of the evidence the jury returned a guilty verdict.

With support from law academics involved in the Cardiff Law School Innocence Project, Grecian argues that his trial should have been restarted following Hanlon’s guilty plea.

He fears he was deemed guilty by association with his co defendant.

Indeed, Grecian believes that it is Hanlon more than anybody who holds the key to proving his innocence but the younger man has never spoken publicly about what happened on the day he killed Mr Atkinson.

Nor crucially has Hanlon’s account and his version of who may or may not have been involved in the killing ever been tested in a court because he never gave evidence during his and Grecian’s trial.

“I know where I was, and I know where I wasn’t on the day when Jimmy Atkinson was killed,” said Grecian. “And I wasn’t in Bitts Park and I didn’t play any part in that murder.

“From 4pm, until 8.30pm, I was in the St Nicholas Arms pub in Botchergate.

“I was in the first seating area outside the pub.

“The timeline suggested that the murder happened around 5pm.”

The trial heard that no exact time could be given for when Jimmy Atkinson who formerly lived in Workington died, but estimates varied from 5.05pm to around 5.30pm.

Grecian spoke for 20 minutes about his case, citing the names of several people who he believes could prove his innocence, including two people in the pub Gerald ‘Jegs’ Coupland and Linda Maxwell.

“Jegs was wearing a short sleeved green polo shirt, very dark, near navy blue canvass style trousers,” he said.

Grecian spoke also of what he says are inconsistencies in the prosecution case including the sighting with Hanlon of a man wearing a distinctive red bandana and a black leather coat. Grecian was put through an ID parade.

“Nobody picked me out,” said Grecian, who named another homeless Carlisle man who had a history of violence and who he believes killed himself five days after Jimmy Atkinson died.

The witness involved, a teenage girl, drew a picture of the man she saw that day but it was never put before the jury.

“It looked nothing like me,” said Grecian.

Grecian then spoke about Hanlon, and how he behaved after being led from the dock after he pleaded guilty.

“A Group 4 guy called Rob told me a colleague had heard Hanlon say: ‘I’m not answering any more questions; I’m not going to take any more. “‘But Tommy Grecian had nothing to do with it.’

“One of his colleagues called Leanne also heard it.

” When I put that to my barrister she said we couldn’t do anything with it.

“I was told all that on May 19, 2005, when my trial had another six days to run.”

Grecian also cited a comment allegedly made by Hanlon, saying he told a worker at the young offenders’ institution where he was being held: “The only thing they’ve got on me is a smackhead who wasn’t even there when it happened.”

Grecian said: “I was the only other person arrested.”

Tommy spoke also of the alleged murder weapon, which police say was found in a cistern at the St Nicholas Arms. It was lost in the catastrophic Carlisle flood of 2005.
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Slusser is from Montour Township near Bloomsburg.

According to social media accounts, she’s a college student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she is studying marketing, but officials with the university say they have no record of her being enrolled there.

“I haven’t seen her in a while and I asked my wife recently you know, I wonder where she could be, but I didn’t know she was part of the front page of the paper recently,” said Ken Conner of Montour Township.

Police are investigating whether Slusser may have been sighted at a truck stop in the Mifflinville area, too.

They say she may be the victim of a sex ring; they believe she may have been trafficked against her will.

Newswatch 16 tried to speak with Slusser’s mother, but she was not home.

We spoke with people who live in the neighborhood near Bloomsburg.

“That’s sad. That’s sad because her mother is a very nice person. It’s too bad,” said neighbor Jean Derr.

Neighbors say they are praying Slusser is found soon and found safe for her sake and her family’s sake.

“The fact that she’s in New York City, you know, is of itself a very scary situation. I’m familiar with the city and anything can happen. It’s tragic, you know,
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and where do you look?” said Ken Conner.

Slusser’s mother recently told the New York Post she is praying for her daughter’s safe return and even for her daughter’s captors.

Nobody ever tried to ban our flag even though you were our colony when the word was hip. Noticed that Detroit is in ruins. Good, when your paying jobs leave and you have to work two crappy ones with no vacation just to make ends meet? Or, if you stare at your phone all day believing drivel spouted by some nancy that wants to touch your kids and the truth comes out after years of cover because you need to concentrate on a concept from the 1860 instead of what is really happening today? That big burning ball in the sky will not set on this empire.

Every once in a while, a dick needs to get clipped at a Motel 6. Case en pointe. Take the time to teach your young how to defend themselves from abject situations. Whether it be through simple conversation or teaching them how to fight or avoid the evils that populate our world. Transfer of physical and thought processes are the only way your work in this life will succeed. What do you get when you plant potatoes? Hopefully not flowers. Best wishes that she makes it home. A person with a weapon is less of a victim.

If it turns out she was abducted, fine. Obviously terrible etc and I hope they find her quickly. But with lack of any evidence cited, this piece (and of course the comments it generates) is a (racist) disgrace. may be in NYC. Not clear. She be the victim of a sex ring Again no evidence. So while I hope she is safe, given the lack of information, the following scenario happens every day: she dated and fell in love with, for example, a black/brown man. Her parents freaked out and she ran off with him to avoid further arguments with her parents. Her racist parents call this abduction, victim of a sex ring etc. Neither I (and according to this story), nor nobody knows the truth, so let wait for the truth before trotting out the racist comments it is just as possible they should be pointing blame in the other direction.
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An F/A 18 Legacy Hornet jetted across the skies over the Texas State Technical College airport Wednesday in a promotion for the Heart of Texas Air Show, scheduled for April 7 and 8. Navys premier flight demonstration team last visited Waco in the 1980s and will return next year for its only performance in Central and North Texas.

All these people in Central Texas are going to get to see the Blue Angels in a place they havent been able to in a long time, Blue Angels pilot Lt. Andre Webb said. This will be awesome for the folks who live in Waco and I am sure for people from far away who will be able to come out and see our show.

Webb grew up in Oklahoma and lived in Texas for a while as a flight student and later instructor.

He and events coordinator Lt. Dave Steppe, of Birmingham,
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Alabama, flew to TSTC in their twin engine supersonic combat jet for a winter briefing in preparation for the April show.

I liken their performance to a thunderous, gizzard rattling event, because it is a visceral experience.
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