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Even with his famously wild imagination, Lewis Carroll could never have imagined how far his most famous character would venture after she tumbled down the rabbit hole.

Alice is re imagined as a young woman thrust into an underground world called Wonderland in the TV miniseries Alice, which wrapped shooting at Tranquille on Friday. About 100 cast and crew have been working on the set for the past week.

“The thing that has been so great for us is Tranquille,” said executive producer Matthew O’Connor. “It will give us a really interesting look for Wonderland.”

This tale is not like the Wonderland Carroll created 150 years ago. Alice finds that her lover Jack has been abducted by a secret organization called the White Rabbit. In pursuit, she tumbles down an abandoned mine shaft into the other world.

The dilapidated remains of the former mental health institution have provided an ideal location around which the Canadian/UK production can digitally build a post modern dystopia, O’Connor explained.

“We’re applying a lot of CGI (computer generated imagery) for what we’re doing, so the city (Wonderland) will look impossibly tall with walkways around it.”

Alice Hamilton, played by Canadian actor Caterina Scorsone (Starz TV’s Crash), is drawn from the storybook and the plot has loose references to the original, but this drama is firmly set in the genre of fantasy science fiction. That series was nominated for nine Emmy’s, O’Connor noted.

Well known actors Kathy Bates (Delores Clayburn, Titanic) and Colm Meaney (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) also star in the show but will have only brief appearances in Vancouver.

Meaney plays the King of Hearts. Bates plays The Queen of Hearts, who runs a gigantic casino patrolled by men in suits of the White Rabbit. People are brought to the casino to gamble and win. Their excitement is bottled as Wonderland’s powerful currency, positive human emotions being the queen’s source of power.

In midday heat Friday, Scorsone didn’t need any of the elixir. An umbrella and repeated applications of sunscreen helped to protect her fair skin.

“She’s a really dynamic character and it’s fun to be playing an iconic character of literature,” said Scorsone, clad in a blue dress with red nylons and ankle boots. The boots may have been a precaution.

“I thought I heard a rattle,” she shouted between takes. “Is that possible?”

timberland discounts Alice in snake boots
don’t go in the direction of the rattle,” a crew member shot back.

Andrew Lee Potts (Band of Brothers. Primeval), the British actor who plays the Hatter was equally enthused about the production.

“We fly through the air on a flamingo, which is going to be interesting,” Potts said. “You need to tell a real story. You kind of feel (the audience) deserves something like that.

“And I’m not that mad,” he added.

Like most productions shooting in the region, this one hired local crew members. Gina Marks, production assistant, is one of them.

“We’re really lucky,” she said of a season that has so far delivered to mid sized productions. Along with 20th Century Fox’s Flica 2, shot here in May, another feature film is scouting TNRD turf, this one a big budget production in the order of $200 million.

Tranquille, which has had a colourful and checkered history of its own, is building a new history as a cinematic backdrop. Films shot there in the past include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993), Firewall (2005) and Afghan Knights (2007).

A roughly $10 million production, Alice slated for another 10 weeks of shooting in Vancouver before post production begins in London, England. The miniseries is being shopped around to cable and the networks but may have a theatrical release,
timberland discounts Alice in snake boots
O’Connor said.

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Hustle assistant coach Darnell Lazare said in a tweet that the flight attendant saw two “young black athletes” with blankets from first class and that his first comment was “did you steal them?”

“How about you teach people to get the facts first before jumping to conclusions,” Lazare tweeted Sunday. Both players and the flight attendant are black.

Sunday’s incident comes after American CEO Doug Parker told employees last month that American Airlines will implement so called implicit bias training.

The NAACP issued a “travel advisory” in October warning African Americans they could face discrimination when flying on American. The alert followed several high profile incidents including one involving an organizer of the Women’s March who was booted from a flight after a dispute over her seat.

American pledged to hire an outside firm to review its diversity in hiring and promotion, train all 120,
timberland discounts American sorry for accusing pro basketball players of theft
000 employees to counteract implicit bias, create a special team to review passengers’ discrimination complaints, and improve resolution of employee complaints about bias.

The Memphis Hustle is in the G League,
timberland discounts American sorry for accusing pro basketball players of theft
which is the NBA’s minor league and was formerly known as the NBA Development League.

Teague played a year at the University of Kentucky before being drafted in the first round of the 2012 NBA draft by the Chicago Bulls. Burrell played two seasons at the University of Memphis.