ladies black timberland boots All The Best and Worst

timberland city adventure All The Best and Worst

All The Best (and Worst): A Look BackHIGH SCHOOLS NEXT GENERATION

January 3, 1996MATY FERNANDEZ, Western High and DAVID ANDREWS Cardinal Gibbons High and MELISSA HANTMAN Taravella High and VIVIAN BLANCO Cardinal Gibbons High and DAVID ANDREWS Cardinal Gibbons High

“Don’t carry me across the field when we win.” Northwestern University football Coach Gary Barnett to his team before their season opener against Notre Dame.

Women slipped out of their tight, slinky jeans and into worn out, fitted ones for 1995. Penny pinchers headed to consignment stores for the cheapest, most worn out Levi’s they could get their hands on. Those willing to spend a lot more, stocked up on Calvin Klein’s from overpriced department stores. Calvin Klein T shirts were also popular.

CK became the most popular letters in the alphabet. CK One, the unisex fragrance, could be found in most teens’ bathrooms.

Fashion also was influenced by the popularity of alternative music. Girls kept bangs out of their faces with barrettes, and they made nylon and plastic part of their wardrobe. Shiny was definitely the look.

China influenced clothing. Women wore Chinese print shirts with high collars and the traditional, long Chinese dress replaced the typical, black evening dress.

Accessories made the outfit in 1995, everything from cat glasses, influenced by singer Lisa Loeb, to small backpacks doubling as purses.

In footwear, clear, plastic sandals and patent leather shoes were the kills of the year for women. Yet, whatever the shoe style, if it didn’t have heels, it wasn’t “in.”Runway models and their extroardinary heights made every women aspire to be taller, and heels were the only solution.

Men were quite the fashion billboards as well. The hip hop empire established Tommy Hilfiger and his All American look,
ladies black timberland boots All The Best and Worst
and the alternative nation was rocking in surfwear primarily by Yaga. Guys were buying into the Calvin Klein product as well for jeans and T shirts.

And when Nike said “Just Do It,” the male population continued to respond. Most guys owned at least one Nike hat, shirt or pair of sneakers. For more formal wear, Ralph Lauren and his Polo shirts remained the way to go, and vests were a great alternative for the choking necktie.

On guys’ eyes were Oakley wrap around sunglasses, and on their feet, Timberland boots or Nike sandals.

This year, fashion opened up new trends that gradually became accepted. And one thing is for sure: When that countdown passed 1 on New Year’s Eve, no one ran out to buy a new wardrobe.


3. Clueless. Portraying perils of popularity at high living high school, film clues in on complications of adolescence. Video vixen Alicia Silverstone, as Cher, heads mob of snobs in teen satire.

2. Dangerous Minds. Michelle Pfeiffer as tough, yet tender, ex Marine turned English teacher rejuvenates much used plot: devoted teacher crusades to instill determination in her rebellious inner city pupils.

1. Pulp Fiction. Released in 1994, its popularity carried into ’95. Daringly original, this off beat film about two washed up hit men in Los Angeles, John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, took an Academy Award for best screenplay.3. Fair Game. Cindy Crawford, supermodel but less than super actor, debuts on screen as a lawyer wanted for murder. Made viewers wish for the death of her cinematic career instead.

2. The Scarlet Letter. Audiences expecting a faithful retelling of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic novel were disappointed. Heroine Hester Prynne’s trademark “A” stands for “Awful.”

1. Showgirls. Even sex can’t sell this flick about a stripper aspiring to be a Las Vegas dancing girl. The movie supposedly condemns female exploitation, but shallow plot revolves around hostility toward women.


3. Four: Blues Traveller. Subtle blend of mellow,
ladies black timberland boots All The Best and Worst
’60s hippie tunes with the harmonica riffs of traditional blues sound makes their music appealing.

ladies black timberland boots Billy Porter Waited His Whole Life To Perform In Pittsburgh CBS Pittsburgh

classic timberland boots Billy Porter Waited His Whole Life To Perform In Pittsburgh CBS Pittsburgh

KDKA TV is part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corp. and one of the largest network owned station groups in the country. Even better when it a family run place where Celtic music and conviviality are on the menu along with the pints of Guinness.

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PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) It’s not often the Tony award winning star of a Broadway musical joins a traveling cast, but Pittsburgh’s own Billy Porter had a lifelong goal he wanted to accomplish.

Porter joined the KDKA Morning News with Larry Richert and John Shumway to talk about appearing in Pittsburgh CLO’s Boots, his latest album and why making a rare off Broadway appearance in his hometown was important to him.

Billy Porter and John Shumway (Photo By Andy Limberg)

When Porter is in Pittsburgh he says the first thing he does is visit his mother, then he sees friends from high school but he says, “I can’t really do that this time because I actually have a gig.”

Why did he decide to do the Pittsburgh engagement of Kinky Boots?

“I have been in this business for over 25 years and this is a moment I have been waiting for my whole life. Coming from the hood, the expectation was that I would be a statistic and that didn’t happen and I’m very grateful and I’m very blessed.”

He adds, “I wanted to make sure that I came back so that I could be a representative to my community and to those that might not have a voice to be able to say you can be something other than what you are.”

Kinky Boots is running at the Benedum Center through Aug. 9. on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA.

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ladies black timberland boots Billy Porter Waited His Whole Life To Perform In Pittsburgh CBS Pittsburgh