wholesale timberland boots All it took was a simple tete

timberland sandals All it took was a simple tete

And I hadn’t played Tetris in years! So, I chose that selection and found an actual Tetris game I can play online. The problem is, I never got around to playing it. You see, before playing, you have to sit through an online commercial so naturally, I went to Twitter to pass that time rather than wait an entire 15 seconds for the commercial to end.

And guess what I found on Twitter: one of those videos where a mom opens a giant box, and inside is her daughter who happens to be a soldier deployed overseas and has come home to surprise her.

So I clicked on that and it showed the video and then recommended other videos of military homecomings, so now I’m having to run to the restroom so my family doesn’t see me blubbering like a baby.

Once I regained my composure, I left the restroom and immediately noticed a picture in the hall was crooked. So I straightened it, which, naturally, led me to straightening every picture in the hall and a few in the living room. Eventually I returned to my seat, grabbed my phone, and somehow remembered that I was Googling tete e tete.

wholesale timberland boots All it took was a simple tete
I’m proud to report, this time I didn’t get stopped after three letters. Nope. I never made it that far.

I don’t know how I missed this the first time, but when I typed in the first two letters t e one of the suggestions was Ted Bundy and how do you possibly pass on Googling that murderous nut job, right?

So, I Googled him and Jim Parsons popped up, which really confused me because he’s Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory.” Well, it turns out the reason he popped up is he’s going to be in a movie about Bundy, but I don’t know what his involvement is with the movie because by that time my mind had diverted to “Ha ha! ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is hilarious!” So I went to YouTube to watch some scenes from it.

Now, YouTube knows me very well, so it immediately started suggesting videos with comedians because I’m always YouTubing stand up comics, and up popped Jim Gaffigan so I was pretty much settled in for a while.

So, anyway, I ended up learning the meaning behind tete e tete. But I did it the old fashioned way. I asked somebody I was chatting with a few hours later. And it turns out that person knew.
wholesale timberland boots All it took was a simple tete