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You may remember (you should, it was only Friday; if you don see a doctor) that Mediawatch was amused by the Daily Mirror describing Manchester United move for Alexis Sanchez as a hijack after they had added together the money owed to Arsenal, the wages promised to Sanchez and a signing on fee.

They had not made the first move though; that was down to The Sun online, who had REVEALED in the early hours of the same day that POGBA is more creative than assist king Kevin De Bruyne, statistics reveal that not true, is it? Because the statistics actually that there are ten Premier League players who create more chances per game than Pogba (a list which is topped by Mesut Ozil), but that not why we are here.

So why are we here? Because this nonsense has seen us arrive on Thursday at a on The Sun online about Pogba playing pool. Which includes this infuriating sub headline:

has proven he has no problems in slotting them in himself after setting up record nine Premier League goals are so many things wrong with this sentence but let start (and actually end, because we are shaking now) with this one: IT IS NOT A SODDING RECORD.

The piece begins: king Paul Pogba gets some shooting practice in on his personalised pool table. that he is no longer the assist king Neymar pretty much ded him on that front on Wednesday night. not the same, guys.

Neil Ashton, The Sun, November 2016:

is dragging the good name of Manchester United through the gutter. Mindless. Needless. Shameless. Nobody is surprised, not anymore.

is a menace: out of control, centre stage for all the wrong reasons. This angry, snarling, growling man cannot be stopped. He is at war. With himself. With the world.

are Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton to think of this behaviour? Like the FA, they must be pig sick of him by now. Everyone else is.

was once the face of the world football, the main man after winning the Champions League with Porto and Inter Milan.

Real Madrid,Chelsea, you name it wanted a piece of this charismatic super coach.

he is just a petulant, spoilt brat.

would rather play for Arsene Wenger, Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte or Jurgen Klopp these days and he just cannot handle it.

is disrupting them, bringing the club into disrepute with his baffling, psychotic behaviour on the touchline. Ashton, The Sun, January 2018:

Unitedis his home, his football club, his passion.

Portuguese is putting down a marker, making it clear his work at Old Trafford will not be done until they are top of the pile again.

know the Premier League title is beyond them this season, trailing 12 points behind Pep Guardiola’s lot.

contract is clearly about committing to the long haul.

endless quest for honours, the thirst that turned him into the greatest trophy hunting coach in the history of the sport, is undiminished.

is nobody out there, nobody better placed, or better suited to meet the challenge of knocking Pep off his perch.
timberland watch straps Alexis Sanchez