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It was a murder allegedly planned right down to the detail of creating an air tight alibi for the greedy black widow, Monica Sementilli.

The wife of famed hairstylist Fabio Sementilli established her own alibi at the precise time she knew her lover Robert Louis Baker and another thug would be killing Fabio, court documents obtained by the Sun claim.

She later drove to another parking spot closer to the store and phoned her daughter Gessica to ensure she was going to a babysitting job. Monica remained inside Target for an hour while she kept tabs on her own home through her cellphone access to the security system, then drove to another shop to maintain her alibi.

Her husband Fabio was alone at home.

co ordinated the available timeline with Baker, the documents state.

Monica Sementilli and boyfriend Robert Baker. Cops say they plotted to murder Monicas husband Fabio for insurance. LAPD

Meanwhile, Baker determined Fabio whereabouts in his home through his cell phone access to the home security cameras.

After Fabio murder, Monica pestered cops for months to collect her insurance money, saying she desperately needed it, secretly spending money on travels with Baker. judge green lights accused black widow murder trialBetween March 26 and 28, 2017, Monica posted photographs and statements expressing her sadness over her husband death provide a cover for orchestrating his murder, having sexual relations with Baker in a Las Vegas hotel room, the documents allege.

Monica called her husband older son Luigi by his first wife in Toronto requested $30,000 from one of his father life insurance policies. Baker blood at the crime scene linked him to the murder scene, he and Monica a false story to explain why his DNA recovered at the crime scene, the statement alleges.
kids timberland shoes alibi created