the timberland company Christmas light show tributes H

girls timberland Christmas light show tributes H

Let’s start by saying. ONLY in Houston.

A family’s Christmas light show outside their home is turning heads and going viral.

I saw it (online) I said, oh I (have) to pull up in my Cadillac to see it in person, Wall said. from the blending of the music to just everything you saw with the car in there. It just captured it. Anybody from H Town was like this is exactly how I want to have my Christmas lights. an IT manager, spent over 20 years mixing music in clubs where he met his wife, Angelyne. It was her idea to turn the family classic Christmas lights display into something more.

Five years ago, To ong started programming a light sequence display to Christmas songs, like Frosty the Snowman, that he mixed personally.

Video of a hip hop sequence he programmed last week went viral after it appeared on Facebook.

The old DJ again felt the rush of playing hit music.

feel like I spoke on behalf of a lot of people and they just loved it and it awesome, To ong said.

So, when Paul Wall requested his own remix with his new song Series Grillz, To ong made the artist day.

amazing man, Wall told To ong. thank you for doing that. On behalf of the city (and) the culture, you did that. Facebook post already has more than 20,000 shares. He said the H Town mix is not in his family nightly rotation.
the timberland company Christmas light show tributes H